Meet Diane Booth Gilliam

Yogastrology® Founder


Yogi, Astrology Lover, Perpetual Traveler | So what makes Diane tick? “Yoga + Astrology led me to find out what success and wellness really mean to me, personally. And that changed everything.” Complete list of credentials available upon request.



We are firm believers in learning from the best. When you do, you become one of the best. When you don’t, you get mislead and waste precious time, money, and headspace.

Our teaching team consists of highly qualified, Famous Western and Vedic Astrologers, Ayurvedic and other Wellness Professionals, Initiated Shamans, and good friends. Learn from our amazing faculty.

Jan Spiller (d. 2016), Kaypacha, Chani Nicholas

Jessica Shepherd, Molly Hall, Mark Borax

Rick Levine, Shirley (Kali) Johnson aka Siri Pritam Kaur, Maurice Fernandez

Alexandra Karacostas, April Elliott Kent, Katie Sweetman

Tonje Naess, Niika Quistgard, Samantha Moore

Robert Koch, Madhavi Rathod, Erin Sullivan