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Hi there,

This is how my chart’s 12th House stellium and I roll: On the Full Moon, when I was in India at a yagna fire ceremony, I sensed the connection between yoga and astrology. The result of all that?


You’re looking at it.


I’d love to share Yogastrology® with you. Have you seen the new eBrochure? xo Diane


Diane Booth Gilliam, MA | Yogastrology® Founder and Educational Director | I began practicing yoga in 1978 and taught my first yoga class in 1991; list of credentials available on request.



Our A-list faculty is everybody you see pictured here, plus a few more: Ayurvedic Consultants, Western Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers (Jyotish), Initiated Shamans, Wellness Professionals, and good friends.


Chani Nicholas, Jan Spiller (d. 2016), Niika Quistgard

Mark Borax, Molly Hall, Jessica Shepherd

Maurice Fernandez, Shirley (Kali) Johnson aka Siri Pritam Kaur, Rick Levine

Alexandra Karacostas, April Elliott Kent, Katie Sweetman

Tonje Naess, Kaypacha, Erin Sullivan

Samantha Moore, Robert Koch, Madhavi Rathod