Certified Yogastrologers® are highly skilled, passionate yoga professionals on the leading edge of mind-body wellness.

Join us today. You will get nurturing I YOGA I ASTROLOGY I AYURVEDA I infused with the power of nature’s rhythms.


Amber French, Certified Yogastrologer®

Betsy Bowden, Certified Yogastrologer®


Allison Chamberlain Jones, Certified Yogastrologer®


Randi Plouffe, Certified Yogastrologer® in Training


Elsabeth Christina Olson, Certified Yogastrologer®


Dianne Tarantino, Certified Yogastrologer®

Jennifer Palmer, Certified Yogastrologer®


Karla Fox Cornwell, Certified Yogastrologer®


Stacy Wooster, Certified Yogastrologer®


Jen Waine, Certified Yogastrologer®

Lisa Lakshmi Wade, Certified Yogastrologer®-in-Training

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We’re growing, adding new Certified Yogastrologers®. Check back soon.


This has been a great year – with many lessons learned. I have had such a great time participating in the Yogastrology® Online Course.

-Allison Chamberlain Jones, Certified Yogastrologer®


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The Yogastrology® Community also includes yoga-lifestyle teachers

  • Elena Brower
  • Colleen Saidman Yee
  • Kathryn Budig
  • David Romanelli
  • Tiffany Cruishank
  • Hemalayaa Behl
  • Faith Hunter
  • Sadie Nardini
  • and many more

These extraordinary teachers share intimate stories about their zodiacal-body correlations. Hear their stories. Exclusive interviews


Listed Below ..:: Certified Yogastrology®-Inspired ::.. graduates who completed our introductory-level Intensive training. Click here to see 2015 events — join us and get Certified Yogastrology® Inspired in one day!

1545929_10203033747150504_1251213550_nMissy Jeannette Shaw, Connie Lozano, Julie Kaus, Samantha Moore, Amber French, Antonella Moroni, Caryne Finlay Mount, Marita Cooke, Dori Weitz, Jessica Patterson, Linae Whitlock, Samantha Bachechi, Nicole Vatiita Skelton, Malia Scott, Stacy Wooster