Certified Yogastrologers® are highly skilled, passionate yoga professionals on the leading edge of mind-body wellness.

Join us today. You will get nurturing I YOGA I ASTROLOGY I AYURVEDA I infused with the power of nature’s rhythms.


Amber French, Certified Yogastrologer®

Betsy Bowden, Certified Yogastrologer®-in-Training


Stephanie Kemp, Certified Yogastrologer®-in-Training


Allison Chamberlain Jones, Certified Yogastrologer®


Elisabeth Olson, Certified Yogastrologer®


Dianne Tarantino, Certified Yogastrologer®

Jennifer Palmer, Certified Yogastrologer®


Karla Fox Cornwell, Certified Yogastrologer®


Stacy Wooster, Certified Yogastrologer®


Jen Waine, Certified Yogastrologer®

Lisa Lakshmi Wade, Certified Yogastrologer®-in-Training


We’re growing, adding new Certified Yogastrologers®-in-Training… check back soon.

This has been a great year – with many lessons learned.


I have had such a great time participating in the Yogastrology® Online Course. -Allison Chamberlain Jones, Certified Yogastrologer®


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The Yogastrology® Community also includes yoga-lifestyle teachers

  • Elena Brower
  • Colleen Saidman Yee
  • Kathryn Budig
  • David Romanelli
  • Tiffany Cruishank
  • Hemalayaa Behl
  • Faith Hunter
  • Sadie Nardini
  • and many more

These extraordinary teachers share intimate stories about their zodiacal-body correlations.

Hear their stories. Exclusive interviews


Listed Below ..:: Certified Yogastrology®-Inspired ::.. graduates who completed our introductory-level Intensive training. Click here to see 2015 events — join us and get Certified Yogastrology® Inspired in one day!

1545929_10203033747150504_1251213550_nConnie Lozano, Julie Kaus, Samantha Moore, Amber French, Antonella Moroni, Caryne Finlay Mount, Marita Cooke, Dori Weitz, Jessica Patterson, Linae Whitlock, Samantha Bachechi, Nicole Vatiita Skelton, Malia Scott, Stacy Wooster