Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities + Terms of Service

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Standard Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities

Regarding the following…

  • Yogastrology®
  • Certified Yogastrologer®
  • Certified Yogastrologer®-in-Training
  • Yogastrology®-Inspired

…all teachings, writings, images, design and course materials are proprietary to Yogastrology® and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights.


  • use the Registered Trademark symbol — ® — wherever you use the word Yogastrology® (also yogastrology®, YogAstrology®, Yogastrologer®, etc.).
  • use the Copyright symbol — © — whenever you use any and all quoted material (you can cut and paste ® and © symbols) for which you have obtained prior written permission.
  • be respectful; do not copy Yogastrology® materials without obtaining prior written permission; do not show, teach, instruct, guide, suggest, describe, recommend or otherwise share Yogastrology® teachings without giving credit to Yogastrology®.

Terms of Service

What Yogastrology® products, services, consultations, training programs, therapeutics, etc. can do:

  • Help you make informed decisions regarding appropriate action
  • Suggest an intelligent plan of action to approach challenges
  • Suggest possible ways a situation might unfold
  • Help you make the most of what you have
  • Help illuminate blind spots

What we can’t do: Spell out your guaranteed future.


Yogastrology® does not provide medical advice.

Yogastrology® consultations offer a guide for possibilities. Your free will always plays a role. You are liable for your actions. From a legal standpoint, all Yogastrology® is for “entertainment purposes only.”

Privacy: Astrology readings (consultations) are strictly confidential and will not be shared; no information that you provide (nor the content of the actual reading) will ever be shared with other parties.

Payment: Must be submitted before you book your consultation appointment, and before your teacher training program commences.

Refunds: Knowledge and information, skill, and empathy goes into every Yogastrology® product and service. It’s not just about the outcome, it’s about the time spent on the analysis, preparation, communication, and much more. Therefore, there are no refunds on consultations. Please see specific conditions regarding Therapeutics and Teacher Training.

Gratitude for your understanding and respect.

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