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Get Certified Yogastrology® Inspired

Yoga + Astrology In-Person Training Events, 12 Hours 



“Thank you for honoring and uplifting me, and all the others who have had the wisdom and courage to walk through these huge Yogastrology® gateways — into rich and fully-realized teachings — into a life of empowerment.”


Elisa Dawn Valentine, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in California


Initiation Training: Mandala of Wholeness

As a yogi, you know the body contains an entire universe. But what if you could connect your inner universe to the universe around you?

Now you can. Apply your love of Yoga to a certificate in Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®. Up-level your life. Help People Thrive.

Initiation is for those who wish to teach Yogastrology® and / or deepen their knowledge of their body and the stars. Everyone is welcome. First three ( 3 ) people to register in each location get the sweetest deal.

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DEC 1-2-3 :: Staunton, VA with Lisa Adams

OCT 20-21-22 :: Chicago, IL with Lisa Adams

OCT 7-8 :: Oslo, Norway with Tonje Naess   Sold Out

Europe We Love You! Welcome to all * Nine * New Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructors INITIATED by Tonje Naess in Oslo Norway, October 2017


AUG 18-19-20 :: Chico, CA with Amber French   Cara’s Experience

AUG 4-5-6 :: Richmond, VA with Jen Waine   First-EVER Initiation was a great success! Jen’s new Initiate Hannah talks to us about her experience:


“EXCITEMENT! I’m grateful for my Initiation Training with Jen, the book Yogastrology® by Diane, and the whole Yogastrology® tribe as they support me to continue growing in my knowledge and experience of astrology, and how to use it in my yoga practice.


I received not only information, but transformation.”


Hannah Knight, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Virginia

Join Ambassadors (left to right: Jen, Amber, Lisa, Tonje) for Initiation:

  • Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body
  • Experience how building bridges between these ancient systems invokes natural wellness: Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®
  • Explore how to transform everyday wellness Fire I Earth I Air I Water into a nuanced healing ritual

spiritual I fire I aries . leo . sagittarius

physical I earth I taurus . virgo . capricorn

mental I air I gemini . libra . aquarius

emotional I water I cancer . scorpio . pisces


“I actually felt supported, loved, and held by this great big universe… can you feel it? I sure can, thanks to Yogastrology®.” Sherri Dujmovich, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Indiana



“Since working with Yogastrology®, I have energetically shifted from a place of living small to living fully. This helped me step more fully into my power.” Kathryn Corinne Robinson, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Washington


Want more? Apply to join our premiere, 12-month, online Intensive Training where you get a deeply satisfying array of natural wellness techniques for each zodiacal month, intimate offerings from our all-star Teaching Team, 4 Essential Chart Reading Tools, Yoga + Western and Vedic Astrology + Ayurveda, practicum assignments, feedback, and one-on-one mentoring throughout one life-transforming year. Learn more.

Initiation is a recommended step on this path, but it is not required.

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