Initiation Training


Get Certified Yogastrology® Inspired

Yoga + Astrology 12-Hour Weekend Retreat



“Thank you for honoring and uplifting me, and all the others who have had the wisdom and courage to walk through these huge Yogastrology® gateways — into rich and fully-realized teachings — into a life of empowerment.”


Elisa Dawn Valentine, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in California


Initiation Training: Mandala of Wholeness

Initiation is for those who wish to teach Yogastrology® and / or deepen their knowledge of the sky, body correlations, and much more. Everyone is welcome. First three ( 3 ) people to register in each location get the sweetest deal.

Click Training Location:

OCT 20-21-22 :: Chicago, IL with Lisa Adams

OCT 7-8 :: Oslo, Norway with Tonje Naess

OCT 6-7-8 :: Annapolis, MD with Lisa Adams

SEPT 8-9-10 :: Buckhannon, WV with Lisa Adams

AUG 18-19-20 :: Chico, CA with Amber French

Sold Out AUG 4-5-6 :: Richmond, VA with Jen Waine

Now Booking for 2018. Bring Initiation to your studio: contact us here.

Join Ambassadors (left to right: Jen, Amber, Lisa, Tonje) for Initiation Training:

  • Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body
  • Experience how building bridges between these ancient systems invokes natural wellness: Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®
  • Explore how to transform everyday wellness Fire I Earth I Air I Water into a nuanced healing ritual

spiritual I fire I aries . leo . sagittarius

physical I earth I taurus . virgo . capricorn

mental I air I gemini . libra . aquarius

emotional I water I cancer . scorpio . pisces

Rejuvenate feelings of belonging and bliss. Feel supported and whole. Join us.


“I actually felt supported, loved, and held by this great big universe… can you feel it? I sure can, thanks to Yogastrology®.” Sherri Dujmovich, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Indiana



“Since working with Yogastrology®, I have energetically shifted from a place of living small to living fully. This helped me step more fully into my power.” Kathryn Corinne Robinson, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Washington


Want more? Apply to join our premiere, 12-month, online Intensive Training where you get a deeply satisfying array of natural wellness techniques for each zodiacal month, intimate offerings from our all-star Teaching Team, 4 Essential Chart Reading Tools, Yoga + Western and Vedic Astrology + Ayurveda, practicum assignments, feedback, and one-on-one mentoring throughout one life-transforming year. Learn more.

Initiation is a recommended step on this path, but it is not required.

Need help deciding? Get in touch here.