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“This was one of the best trainings I’ve done. It’s absolutely worth the time and the investment, not just as a yoga teacher, but for personal knowledge and education.” Caitlin Gieza, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor, North Carolina



“Thank you for honoring and uplifting me, and all the others who have had the wisdom and courage to walk through these huge Yogastrology® gateways – into rich and fully-realized teachings – into a life of empowerment.” Elisa Dawn Valentine, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor, New York and California

As a yogi, you know the body contains an entire universe. But what if you could connect your inner universe to the universe around you?

Now you can.

Ha-tha yoga (in other words, asana) means Sun (ha) and Moon (tha) in Sanskrit. Learn how to embody this wisdom, and move in sync with the natural rhythms of the Sun and Moon in your practice, and your life.

Apply your love of Yoga to a certificate in Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®. Initiation is for you if you want to teach the basics of Yogastrology® – you will become a Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Initiation Certification Training – or sign up simply to deepen your knowledge of your body and the stars. Everyone is welcome.


2019 Initiation Training Events | Click Location

AUGUST 2-3, 2019 :: Boerne Lake, TX with SUP Led By Connie Lozano, Stand Up Paddle Instructor

AUGUST 23-24-25, 2019 :: Avalon, NJ with Colleen Sposato

OCTOBER 2019 :: Oslo, Norway with Tonje Naess (TBA)

2019-2020 :: Arlington, MA with Allison Chamberlain Jones (TBA)


Allison Chamberlain Jones led her first Initiation in SEPT 2018


Past Events

SEPT 14-15-16, 2018 :: Arlington, MA with Allison Chamberlain Jones

JUNE 16-17, 2018 :: Oslo, Norway with Tonje Naess

MARCH 23-24-25, 2018 :: Chico, CA with Amber French

OCT 7-8, 2017 :: Oslo, Norway with Tonje Naess

AUG 18-19-20, 2017 :: Chico, CA with Amber French

AUG 4-5-6, 2017 :: Richmond, VA with Jen Waine



I’m grateful for my Initiation Training, the book Yogastrology® by Diane, and the whole Yogastrology® tribe as they support me to continue growing in my knowledge and experience of astrology, and how to use it in my yoga practice. I received not only information, but transformation.” Hannah Knight, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor, Virginia

In Initiation, You Will

  • Learn how to connect astrology to your body, and discover more about yourself and your sun sign
  • Build bridges between the two ancient sister systems, yoga + astrology, and create rituals in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun and moon
  • Explore this trademarked process and put it all together for your own personal practice, or to lead gatherings, New Moon yoga workshops, or women’s circles (also, your name will be listed here)
  • Experience the embodiment of natural elements | Water | Air | Fire | Earth | and transform everyday wellness into a beautiful ritual

your deep soul | FIRE | aries . leo . sagittarius

the wisdom of your body | EARTH | taurus . virgo . capricorn

heart-centered thinking | AIR | gemini . libra . aquarius

your emotional intelligence | WATER | cancer . scorpio . pisces

Tuition fees vary by location, starting around $500. and up. The book, personalized frame-able certificate, and your name on (click link to go to this webpage, then scroll down) are included.


“Right away, I started using what I learned in Initiation Training. I adjusted my wellness and yoga practice, and I started using the zodiac-body associations. Yogastrology® is a great tool.” Jasmine Peters, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor, Virginia


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“Since working with Yogastrology®, I have energetically shifted from a place of living small to living fully. Diane helped me step more fully into my power.” Kathryn Corinne Robinson, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor, Washington and California