Certified Yogastrologers®

“I started this journey toward awakening, and I had no idea what it meant or how it would unfold. And now — whoa, I am loving every word and each moment of this journey. Having so much fun! Incredibly magical and unique.” Dianne Tarantino, Certified Yogastrologer® in New York


“I enjoy every bit of this training. Such simple work, experienced in a vast and complex depth. This training program takes the study of subtle body energies to an entirely different dimension.” Randi Plouffe, Certified Yogastrologer® in Montana


..:: Meet the Yogastrologers® ::..

Certified Yogastrologers® are recent graduates and current students of our year-long Training Program. These highly skilled, passionate professionals are on the leading edge of natural wellness:


Laura Maurice (Congo)


Tonje Naess (Norway, also Mexico)



Amber French

Dr. Katy Valentine


Shasta Paravati aka Courtney Turner

Nicole Shackelford


Allison Chamberlain Jones

Betsy Bowden


Elisabeth Echo


Samantha Moore

Randi Plouffe


Annabelle Steele


Dianne Tarantino


Jennifer Palmer


Colleen Sposato


Karla Fox


Stacy Wooster


Lisa Wade aka Lakshmi

Jen Waine

Lisa Adams

Mina Habibi

Dawn Curtis


..:: Certified Yogastrology® Inspired ::..

In August 2017, we launched our Initiation Training. The new Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructors are: Rachel Brownbridge, Tone Haave Sønneland, Monica Isabell Hovind, Sofia Nyberg, Vilde Sletten, Gunvor Eikeland Hass, Linn Cecilie Solbergersen, Stephanie Kristiansen, Angela Smith, Monica Tefke, Eirinn Nygard, Alexandra Tornblad, Kristin Austrheim, Lea Maison, Cesilie Sigsgaard, Hilde Boyum, Trine Lavik, Danielle Saborio, Katy Valentine, Cara Struve, Mandy Olsen, Shannon Harrison, Jasmine Moore, Susi Marcy-Sisco, Hannah Knight, Tara Beuscher, Sarah (Sharky) Provenzano | Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructors (from this point on – on this list) graduated from Yogastrology® Intro-Level Training as it was taught from July 2012 to July 2017: Nikki Sebastian, Elisa Dawn Valentine, Cherie’ Stevenson, Kathryn Corinne Robinson, Mary Beth Bender, Jenny Arney, Sherri Dujmovich, Shasta Paravati (aka Courtney Turner), Christine Tangerman, Stephanie Kemp, Missy Jeannette Shaw, Connie Lozano, Julie Kaus, Samantha Moore, Amber French, Antonella Moroni, Caryne Finlay Mount, Marita Cooke, Malia Scott, Stacy Wooster, Dori Weitz, Jessica Patterson, Linae Whitlock, Samantha Bachechi, Nicole Vatiita Skelton


..:: Book & DVD ::..

Our tribe also includes the stellar yoga teachers featured in the Yogastrology® book + DVD:

Elena Brower
Colleen Saidman Yee
Kathryn Budig
David Romanelli
Tiffany Cruikshank
Hemalayaa Behl
Faith Hunter
Sadie Nardini
and many more


These extraordinary teachers share intimate stories about their own zodiac sign-body correlations – and their lives. Read exclusive interviews.