Yogastrology® Dream Team


I was at a yagna fire ceremony – on the Full Moon, in India many years ago – when I sensed some sort of connection between yoga and astrology. All this grew out of that connection. I wrote about it in the intro section of my book, if you’re interested.


 Connection. Makes life worth living.

Diane Booth Gilliam, Yogastrology® Founder


Diane and Lakshmi the Elephant


Meet the Team

Our Dream Team (everyone you see pictured here, plus a few more) are Ayurvedic Consultants, Western Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers (Jyotish), and good friends — a wonderful Team.




rick-levineRick Levine, Star IQ &




unknown-1Maurice Fernandez, Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness




2eae173Alexandra Karacostas, Wisdom Astrology




unknown-copyMadhavi Rathod, Vedic Healing




unknownErin Sullivan Astrology




unknown-2Niika Quistgard, AyurMama




unknown-3Molly Hall, Wild Bee Grove




unknown-5Kaypacha, New Paradigm Astrology




unknown-6Katie Sweetman, Empowering Astrology




unknown-8Mark Borax, Soul Level Astrology




unknown-7Jan Spiller Astrology (now deceased)




author_photo_2_400x400Jessica Shepherd, MoonKissd Astrology




April Elliott Kent, Big Sky Astrology




chani-nicholas-990920lChani Nicholas Astrology