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“I am in awe of your skill, Diane. It’s a beautiful mixture of wisdom, compassion, and a really cool knowing.” J.M., Washington


16266208_10155070528568243_3127949319049966466_n-1Hi there,

I was blown away when I saw Yogastrology® listed as one of the Top Ten Trends Worldwide, in the largest Scandinavian women’s health magazine, IFORM — In Shape.

It sure didn’t start out that way …scroll to the bottom of this page for the story.

I’m glad you’re here.

Diane Booth Gilliam
FOUNDER I Yogastrology®


content_colleen-saidman-yee-and-rodney-yee-150x150Yoga and astrology are tools on the path to discovering your immense human potential. And that, says Leo Colleen Saidman, is a gift. Yogastrology® provides the roadmap to feel less alienated and be more in sync with your essential nature…READ MORE.


Unknown-1Kathryn Budig, a Gemini, was supposed to be a twin (read her tender story in Chapter 3). But her twin sister didn’t make it through the pregnancy, and Kathryn still feels the loss. Kathryn senses her “guardian angel” twin guiding her to make wise choices…BUY BOOK.


imagesSadie finds out Scorpio correlates with the pelvis. She thinks this connection between her sign and the body makes “perfect sense” and now, Sadie Nardini is creating more “ferocious miracles” than she ever dreamed possible…WATCH VIDEO.


Yogastrology® by Diane Booth Gilliam has been featured in these fine publications and more.

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Spring Equinox by Diane Booth Gilliam






facebook_logoSwitzerland’s Astrodienst features Yogastrology® for every sun sign here.


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Australia’s features Yogastrology® here.



IFORM : In Shape Scandinavia’s Largest Wellness Magazine names Yogastrology® One of Top Ten Trends Worldwide.


“Honoring the Bridge” in Yoga International magazine here.




San Francisco Daily Candy asks Diane for one pose for each zodiac sign here.






New York Well+Good published a gorgeous article

featuring Yogastrology® here.


What the Doost & Yogastrology®

Zen Girl “Year of the Horse 2014 with Yoga Journal‘s Diane Booth Gilliam



The Story of Yogastrology®

A Brief Play-by-Play


I started practicing yoga back in 1978. And by the year 2004, I had bought the domain and immersed myself in a rigorous practice of Vedic rituals and astral remedies, research and soul searching that went on for many years.


Yogastrology® Training launched in 2012 — an extraordinary year in terms of astrology — and now, Yogastrology®-certified teachers stretch all the way from Qatar to Norway, Belize to Tennessee, Texas, New York, California, Virginia, and many more locations.


We’re still an intimate tribe. And many of these beautiful devoted yoginis lead events in their communities. Find one near you here.


One of my favorite parts of the new (2013) edition of my book and DVD is video clips and interviews with Colleen Saidman Yee, David Romanelli, Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Sadie Nardini, and many more. The yogis tell some super sparkly, occasionally gut-wrenching, real life tales. They show us how yoga + astrology works in their lives, on and off the mat.


More astrologers joined the Team in 2014. It’s wonderful to swap secrets with Rick Levine, Chani Nicholas, Jan Spiller (d. 2016), Kaypacha, and all the other Western Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers, and Ayurveda Consultants on our teaching team. Our teachers are the best.


This year, we are pouring so much love and passion into our new Trainings. And we have a few more surprises up our sleeve, too.


We are living in volatile, magnificent times. I am still blown away.


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