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Welcome to Yogastrology®. It all starts with the fusion of Yoga + Astrology.

You’ve come to the right place. Diane Booth Gilliam tapped into ancient wisdom and in 2004, Yogastrology® started the modern Yoga + Astrology movement. Our certification trainings introduce exciting revolutionary topics, and weave everything together with authentic rich tradition.

The intuitive personal care that our students receive helps them to recognize, fine tune, and express their own inner light. This expression of light heals the world.

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Yoga and Astrology are tools on the path to discovering your immense human potential. And that, says Leo Colleen Saidman, is a gift. Yogastrology® provides the roadmap to feel less alienated and be more in sync with your essential nature…READ MORE.



Kathryn Budig, a Gemini, was supposed to be a twin (read her tender story in Chapter 3). But her twin sister didn’t make it through the pregnancy, and Kathryn still feels the loss. Kathryn senses her “guardian angel” twin guiding her to make wise choices…BUY BOOK.



Sadie finds out Scorpio correlates with the pelvis. She thinks this connection between her sign and the body makes “total sense” and now, Sadie Nardini is creating more “ferocious miracles” than she ever dreamed possible…WATCH VIDEO.



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