“My yoga journey started FOR REAL when I joined Yogastrology®.” Trine Lavik, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Norway


“I gave birth to my (astrological) sun through this portal… wow. Your words are true.” Britt in Canada

“I just wanted to let you know how continuously transformative learning from you has been for me. I feel like this was a turning point for me.” Elena Cheung, Yogastrologer® in Washington


“I took Yogastrology® Training in 2018 and met such wonderful, compassionate people. Also had the privilege of meeting Diane, the founder of Yogastrology® OMG. Magical. I hope our paths cross again.” Kaii Marie, Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in North Carolina


“…about the training. It was so powerful for me! I felt a shift happening within me. Amazing and powerful.” Jyoti Dhibi, Yogastrologer® in Virginia


“This helped me to understand not only astrology, but also, to understand the energetics of the yoga poses themselves.” Karla Albritton, Yogastrologer® in Tennessee


Whoa. Things fell into place in a new way. Thank you for the gift of Yogastrology® that keeps being present to me!”  Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine, Yogastrologer® in California

I got so much more than I expected.” Courtney Turner, Yogastrologer® in Maryland


“Right away, I started using what I learned in Yogastrology® Training. I adjusted my wellness and yoga practice, and I started using the zodiac-body associations. Yogastrology® is a great tool.” Jasmine Peters, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in Virginia

“Diane, you give SO much. There are so so so many opportunities to do trainings out there, on the market but only a few, if any, really speak to me like your work.” Stacey Lasseter, Massachusetts


“I learned so much in this training. Thank you for all your guidance, encouragement, and thought-provoking conversations. Thank you for this lifelong learning. With deep gratitude, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Invaluable.” Jacklyn Romito-Carey, Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts


“Thank you for honoring and uplifting me, and all the others who have had the wisdom and courage to walk through these huge Yogastrology® gateways ~ into rich and fully-realized teachings ~ into a life of empowerment.” Elisa Dawn Valentine, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in New York

“The way that you write and impart information, Diane, feels so incredibly genuine and thoughtful it gives me chills. I just wanted to let you know I love the training so much. It has influenced a lot of what I teach and has prompted so much necessary (and challenging) self-reflection.” Elena Cheung, Yogastrologer® in Washington

Elena B.

Elena Brower, “I am honored to be included in Yogastrology®.”


“Diane, I will forever regard you as having the highest integrity. You, and all you have created, have me in so much AWE. Incredibly inspiring, beyond what you may realize. You are a work of art!!” Charisse Crisci, Illinois

“Right away, the coursework was so interesting that immediately I knew this was right for me. I felt like a piece of me that had laid dormant for so long finally was awakening. Not only was I learning about the study of Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®, but also I was learning about myself.” Elisabeth ‘Echo’ Olson, Yogastrologer® in Minnesota


“Since working with Yogastrology®, I have energetically shifted from a place of living small to living fully. Diane helped me step more fully into my power.” Kathryn Corinne Robinson, Certified Yogastrology® Inspired Instructor in California

“I want you to know how much our conversations helped me to refine my work, which now has evolved to a rich clarity.” Melanie McGhee, Tennessee


“I started this journey toward awakening had no idea what it meant, or how it would unfold. And now – whoa, I am loving every word and each moment of this journey. Having so much fun! Incredibly magical and unique.” Dianne Tarantino, Yogastrologer® in New York


“I walk more confidently in my power and feel greater harmony with the universe, thanks to Yogastrology®. The dollars I invested in this are small, compared to what I received and how I grew. Highly recommended.” Jen Waine, Yogastrologer® in Virginia


“Yogastrology® training is a unique combination of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Astrology and it absolutely changed the way I live. The way I reflect on my days. The way I move my body. Diane, founder of Yogastrology®, is an incredible teacher. She supported me in all the best ways. I love being a teacher of what Diane created. Yogastrology® opened more doors than anything prior.” Samantha Moore, Yogastrologer® in Montana

Cara Struve, California “Thank you kindly for sharing your vast knowledge and facilitating this incredible experience. My gratitude is boundless.”


Sara Vandergoot, Co-Owner of Mind The Mat Studios, Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia “Working with Diane is an amazing experience, a profound gift in my life.”

“Thank you for kicking my ass so I pay attention to myself and stop doubting. Your friendship and guidance are priceless.” Dawn Curtis of East Meets West Yoga Center in Vienna, Virginia

“Wow! So powerful. I feel the energy of what you spoke about. Many things are clicking into place because of it, and it’s a continued blessing. There has been much emotional energy stirred up for me, and I am working through some buried feelings. I feel supported by the cosmos, and by you.” M.C., United Kingdom


Barrie Risman Yoga, Sutton, Quebec, Canada “Having known Diane for more than 15 years, I can say with certainty she is not only an insightful and supportive teacher, she also has a deep, lived wisdom that she generously shares.”

Bob Stevens, Photographer and Director, Los Angeles California “I feel like I’ve been knighted by the Queen of my Destiny! Highly recommended. Diane has a way of revealing the unseen.”

Laura Page (formerly Shakti Sunfire) “Yogastrology® is visionary. So thrilled to hold this in my hand!”


“Such an honor to be involved in Yogastrology®!” Coral Brown

“Diane, you brought tears to my eyes. Always feels so good when someone actually understands me.” T., Europe

“Using her deep listening skills, and her ability to extract my hidden thoughts and motivations, Diane reflected back to me my real hopes and dreams, and my own power. She has a true gift. Very empowering.” D.J.

“I could not believe a year had passed in this training. I loved doing the assignments. Just exactly the correct amount of research and reading to drive home the lessons in a way that was totally enjoyable and allowed for endless creativity. I would re-enroll in this training in a minute.” Betsy Bowden, Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts


Dana Damara, California “Clarifying, affirming, eye opening, and heart expanding. I return to Yogastrology® again and again for guidance and support. Combining this with my dedicated practice of yoga is creating such an epic revolution for me personally and professionally.”


I actually felt supported, loved, and held by this great big universe… can you feel it? I sure can, thanks to Yogastrology® training. I am so inspired to share all that I am learning. Already, I see my yoga practice and my yoga teaching through a very exciting new lens. My heart was beating so fast. I felt so much excitement inside, I felt like I was going to burst! I loved connecting with you, Diane. Really incredible.” Sherri Dujmovich, Yogastrologer® in Indiana

Betty, New York “I am just floored. This was just the support I needed to help me take some brave steps into the future.”


David Romanelli, Chapter 3 Gemini “LOVE IT! So happy to be included in the Yogastrology® book + DVD.”


Sally Marie Young, Pennsylvania “I am so grateful – from every cell in my being. I now feel in complete alignment with the energy themes in my life at the moment, which in turn helps me see that I am NOT GOING CRAZY! Ha! Well, maybe a little. 😉Yogastrology® helped me see very clearly what this cycle is teaching me – which allows me to stay present, and keep my eye on the goal. I feel clarity, acceptance, pride, hope, and excitement – where there had been worries and fear.”


“Mind blown! Diane, it’s like you looked directly into my soul. LOVED it! I took pages of notes.” Jennifer Ozag


Clear and excellent. I was able to understand so much about myself and my life. Knowing this makes all the difference.” Gayle Cureton, New York



“Just wanted you to know, Diane, that you’ve been walking beside me the last few years, since I first heard about Yogastrology®. And you continue to inspire me. What’s interesting is how much influence you’ve had on me and my transition – owning my intuition, listening to the cosmos, and stepping into my authenticity. Thank you.” Madhvi Aggarwal, Canada

“Thank you so much for your support. I was so glad to hear your warm voice and feel your beautiful spirit and love.” Rana, Turkey

Lacey Ann

Lacey Ann Luna, International Teacher “Thank you so much, Diane! I have tears in my eyes.”


“Perhaps you are already wise in cosmic matters. You’ll also have the opportunity to ‘embody the wisdom,’ Diane‘s famous words. Tis true. I have been greatly nourished by Diane and the Yogastrology® tribe.” Jennifer Palmer, Yogastrologer®

“So much about me that I had always felt and dismissed, or felt in conflict with, is falling into place. There is an exhalation – an uncoiling, an acceptance happening.” Rachael, Australia

“I feel much less conflicted, and more open to live my life freely.” Sonja, California

“Diane helped me clarify some issues that are happening in my family. I loved hearing her beautiful voice! It was so enjoyable.” Mary Catherine Twombly

“I have been struggling and a little impatient lately, so the information gave me peace of mind and a lightness.” Gabriela Merrihue


Gioconda Parker in Austin “Love Yogastrology®! Really innovative.”

“This is the most organic and healing practice I’ve found. Yogastrology® is a much deeper practice than just yoga alone.” Elisabeth ‘Echo’ Olson, Yogastrologer® in Minnesota

“Yogastrology® is interesting and timely – often it’s about nurturing, shelter, and feeling safe. I just came to a realization the other day after having a recurring nightmare, there is a part of my life that doesn’t feel safe. It was like a revelation.” Anonymous


“This work landed in a big way for me. I entered this space of excavating my soul and now, I feel more in tune with the rhythms of my life.” Stacy Wooster, Yogastrologer® in Texas


“I reflect upon how much I’ve loved being in this year-long training. It is sooo worth the money.” Allison Chamberlain Jones, Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts

Life altering. Really. I signed up thinking this was going to be about How To Get from Point A to B, C, and D. But what I got was much more. More like how to go from Point A to infinity.” Betsy in New Hampshire