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New 16-Week Program


“Life altering. Really.” Betsy in New Hampshire
“Invaluable.” Jackie in Massachusetts
“I signed up thinking this was going to be about How To Get from Point A to B, C, and D. But what I got was much more. More like how to go from Point A to infinity.” B.P.

New Professional Certification

Certified Wellness Astrologer™

Your journey into how to read astrology charts starts here. We keep it real, and make it useful with special topics like relationships, sensuality, nutrition, career, wellness, karma, mantra, and yoga.

But here’s where it gets interesting. To “keep it real,” we stay in touch with the mysticism and magic of astrology. Any other way would be cheating you (or clever marketing, which we don’t do) because, let’s face it, astrology has power. It’s not for everyone. If you want dry ABCs or nuts-and-bolts, this may not be right for you.

This unique program honors the mysterious, mystical power of the astrology chart while providing practical, useful tools. We bring astrology to earth, to improve health and wellness. 

Certified Wellness Astrologer™ training features select members of our A-List Faculty

Our Goal

  • Put the power in your hands
  • Offer the teachings of the ancient mystery schools, and make them relevant to today

No budding astrologer should be without this unique, experiential program.

  • 12 Houses
  • 12 Zodiac Signs
  • The Personalities of the Planets
  • Your Personal Sun Sign vs. Global Sun Signs
  • Important Planets’ Returns and Retrogrades
  • Transits that help you see into the past, present, and future
  • Embodiment, Emotional Harmony, Yoga Asana, Spirituality, and More

BONUS Explore the Next Wave of Natural Healing: Shamanic Energy Medicine

Learn the connections between yoga and astrology, and shamanism. Explore with our Faculty and Yogastrology® Founder | Educational Director Diane Booth Gilliam, MA. Diane literally wrote the first book on Yoga + Astrology (1st Edition 2010; 2nd Edition 2013).



Expand your horizons with us. The best professionals in astrology are Yogastrology® Faculty members and we love guiding people to have a personal, embodied experience of the stars. We set you up with tools you need.



Look ahead at passionate transits that will impact you for years to come. Prepare for the future. Transform weaknesses into strengths, and wild uncertainties into real rewards.




Move through the 12 Houses of the chart. The Houses form a circular mandala and on that mandala, an incredible melange of planetary personalities ebb and flow like tides on an ocean beach, to soothe you, and help you to understand the rhythms of life. To live your best life. 


“Take care of your health, because when you have good health, you have everything.” Diane’s Mom and Dad


“Thank you for kicking my ass so I pay attention to myself and stop doubting. Your friendship and guidance are priceless.” Dawn Curtis of East Meets West Yoga in Vienna, Virginia


This program is distinctive. Unique. And subtle, when it needs to be.


Genuine astrology is a subtle art. Savor these rich subtleties.


This is a self-guided program. Learn at your own pace.

  • All materials are yours to keep and use forever 
  • Professional certification upon completion
  • Never before seen content
  • Sample curriculum below

Module | Week 1

All those symbols you see in the chart? Find out what they mean. KEY In This 16-Week Program: Embody the power behind those symbols. Aries, Mars, First House.

Module | Week 2

Craving more sensual, meaningful relationships? KEY In This 16-Week Program: Nurture your Venusian sensuality (also, your Uranus genius, your Pluto bravado… you get the picture). Taurus, Venus Part 1, Second House.

Module | Week 3

KEY In This 16-Week Program: You’ve heard the phrase. But what does Mercury Retrograde really mean? How to make it work in your chart, to soothe the nervous system and move away from perfectionist paralysis? Gemini, Mercury, Third House.

Much More… This is only a glimpse of the 16 lessons what you will get.

Module | Week 14

Shamanic Energy Medicine: We explain the path of a shaman (and its astrological sign). You receive #2 of The 4 Directions from a shaman initiated in the world’s most-comprehensive Shamanism School in Chile and Peru. Powerful practices for healing and transformation.

Module | Week 15

Shamanic Energy Medicine #3 of The 4 Directions. Dive deeper. Simple, sacred ceremonies using natural objects, common plants, fragrant flowers, and power animals.

Module | Week 16

Shamanic Energy Medicine #4 of The 4 Directions. Recap 16-week program. Receive your Certificate of Graduation, with our blessing.

What You Get

16 Weeks | 16 Modules  

  • 12 Modules: Lessons (via email) on Wellness, Yoga, and The Astrology Chart
  • 4 Bonus Modules: Shamanic Energy Medicine

8 Teleseminars | 10 Hours Total 

  • Teachings from the lips (and big hearts) of select members of our A-list Faculty via audio recordings. Exclusive content, such as iconic astrologer Jan Spiller imparting her final gifts to the world; shortly before Jan’s untimely death, Ms. Spiller spoke privately with Diane. If New Moon intentions matter to you, this talk is essential. Teachers include Oprah Magazine astrologer Chani Nicholas, and many more. Creative new talent in astrology, art, wellness, and yoga too.

New Certification | Wellness Astrologer™

  • Certificate Upon Completion of 16-Week Program

No yoga or astrology experience is required. Everyone who is interested in astrology (especially therapists and yogis) ~ we encourage you to sign up. Certified Wellness Astrologer™ Level One June-October 2020 SOLD OUT. Contact us add your name to the waiting list | find out about future dates for this program.


  • Send us your first and last name ~ to yogastrology@gmail.com
  • Registration for June-Oct 2020 SOLD OUT


  • Use Venmo (Db-G) $997.00 | 16-Week Program
  • Use PayPal to divide tuition into 2 payments of $597.00 each; send to PayPal.me | 16-Week Program
  • Fees are shown in US Dollars

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