Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities + Terms of Service

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Standard Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities

Regarding the following:

  • Yogastrology®
  • Certified Yogastrologer®
  • Certified Yogastrologer® in Training
  • Certified Yogastrology® Inspired
  • Certified Wellness Astrologer™

All teachings, writings, images, design and course materials are proprietary to Yogastrology® and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights.


  • Use the Registered Trademark symbol — ® — wherever you use the word Yogastrology® (also yogastrology®, YogAstrology®, Yogastrologer®, etc.).
  • Use the Copyright symbol — © — whenever you use any and all quoted material (you can cut and paste ® and © symbols) for which you have obtained prior written permission.
  • Use the Trademark symbol — ™ — whenever you use the words Wellness Astrologer™.
  • Be respectful; do not copy Yogastrology® materials without obtaining prior written permission; do not show, teach, instruct, guide, suggest, describe, recommend or otherwise share Yogastrology® teachings without giving credit to Yogastrology®.

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Yogastrology® does not provide medical advice.

Yogastrology® offers a guide for possibilities. Your free will always plays a role. You are liable for your actions. From a legal standpoint, all Yogastrology® is for “entertainment purposes only.”

Refunds: Knowledge, information, and skill go into every Yogastrology® product and service; time has been spent on the analysis, preparation, communication, and more. Therefore, there are no refunds.

Gratitude for your respect.

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