Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities + Terms of Service

Yogastrology® is known for the quality of our courses, course materials, proprietary models and other learning programs, including how we create the context for learning. We are also known for our unique skills and expertise.

With decades of experience in designing and delivering powerful experiential programs, Yogastrology® students and clients have come to expect standards of excellence that are uniquely associated with our products/trainings, and our brand.

Yogastrology® has invested many years in successfully building the brand and its identifiable products/trainings and wants to partner with you in respecting that investment.

People who experience our content are often inspired and may wish to share it with others. Although we understand these desires, our students, faculty, alumni and others must act as a partner in the Yoga + Astrology = YogAstrology® movement by only using the content in a way that is permitted and intended by For this reason, we have established these Intellectual Property Guidelines.

Intellectual Property Rights and Responsibilities

Regarding the following:

  • Yogastrology® or and YogAstrology®
  • Certified Yogastrologer®
  • Certified Yogastrology® Inspired
  • Certified Wellness Astrologer™

All teachings, writings, images, design and course materials are proprietary to Yogastrology® and are protected by copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights.

  • Use the Registered Trademark symbol — ® — wherever you use the word Yogastrology® (also yogastrology®, YogAstrology®, Yogastrologer®, etc.).
  • Ask for permission in writing and once it is received by you, only then, use the copyright symbol — © — if you use any quotes (you can cut and paste ® and © symbols) for which you have obtained written permission.
  • Use the Trademark symbol — ™ — whenever you use the words Wellness Astrologer™.
  • Do not copy any Yogastrology® material without obtaining written permission; do not show, teach, instruct, guide, suggest, describe, recommend or otherwise share Yogastrology® teachings without giving credit to Yogastrology®.


Yogastrology® does not provide medical advice. Yogastrology® offers a guide for possibilities. Your free will always plays a role. You are liable for your actions.

From a legal standpoint, all Yogastrology® is for “entertainment purposes only.”

Gratitude for your respect.

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