Yogastrology® Founder and Education Director Diane Booth Gilliam launched this site in 2004, stealthily turning yoga back to its ancient roots: the ‘sister sciences’ Yoga Astrology Ayurveda. Powerful amazing yogis hopped on board along the way. Elena Cheung, Elisabeth Olson, Colleen Sposato, countless others. You know who you are. See registry.

Colleen Saidman Yee called it. She said, 

“Yogastrology® is the roadmap.” 

  • Online INSTITUTE year-long program launched in 2012, still going strong and more gorgeous than ever. Yes! Accepting applications.
  • Live event INITIATION in Oslo Norway February 2023, filling up fast, lovely Synnøve Sjøtveit leads the way.
  • Drink from the deeper well, Shamanic QUEST

Email us about any of this.

>> yogastrology@gmail.com <<

Reach out, let us know how we’ve touched your life.

But y’all ….

Keeping up the website, blah blah social media, all that 

…. Time to kiss that part goodbye. 

There is much to be done in this beautiful life. Gratitude to all. The path ahead beckons. xo diane


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