Q & A

Meet Diane Booth Gilliam

Lightbulb Moment

I was in a little village in India, sitting on a cool concrete floor in the middle of a hot afternoon when I slid into a state of bliss. It was so easy. I wasn’t trying to do anything at all.

There was this mind-blowing traditional fire ceremony called yagna happening on the full moon. It was led by a group of Brahmins and right in the middle of their ceremony, in the middle of my bliss, one thought appeared:

There is some connection between yoga and astrology.

Every day of my life since, in one way or another, has been about that moment.

How Do You Define Success?

Success is finding what you love to do. I’m not talking about what you’re supposed to love. This is different. 

Take a peek at what makes me and my Cancer Midheaven happy, in the highlighted box below.

You’ll Never See Me Without

Bare feet. A pedi is my go-to beauty essential. Maybe strappy sandals or hiking shoes (warm boots, in the event of inclement weather) but I’m kicking ’em off asap.

Living Life

I had hours to kill in the chaotic Delhi airport once, and I stumbled into an empty room reserved for nursing mothers (which I was not). Every wall was painted bright mustard-yellow. Bigger-than-life Donald Ducks stenciled everywhere. What it lacked in subtle delicate decor – it made up for, with rich deep silence. And a cushy sofa. I curled up.

Whenever you get a moment to soak in a pool of love, just do it.

What Do You Do When You Feel Uninspired? 

I wait.

I take exquisite care of my inner muse. I give her a lot of space. She knows she can come back when she’s ready. 

Advice I Wish I Had Years Ago

Relax. Not to diminish the virtue of hard work, but we have to get it on some deep level that things happen at the right time. A work in progress.

Find Me

Find me making connections and collecting experiences (not stuff). Find me hiking along a trail above the coast, and later we’ll go down to the beach for a bonfire (like that fire in India many years ago). 

Above All Else 

Do what you love. Life goes by fast.


12th House Sun (like David Bowie). Saturn trine Uranus.

Master of Arts in Philosophy | University of Montana, Missoula

Yoga: Certified in Svaroopa®, Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy®. I was among the first-ever RYTs and E-RYTs (because I was studying asana with the founder of Yoga Alliance at the time) but recently I let my Yoga Alliance membership lapse. Today I maintain a steady practice of yoga, meditation, chanting — and asana a la Iyengar Yoga — sometimes with a hint of Anusara and other yoga styles mixed in, just as I have since I took my first yoga class in 1978 at a YMCA in Montana.

Astrology: Astrology explorations began in the early 1990’s with Anita Doyle and Alexandra Karacostas. I also took a course (that’s no longer available) from Susan Miller of Astrology Zone.

Evolution: My roots are deep. My practice began long before selfies and the internet transformed yoga and astrology into the massive industries they are today. Due to my understanding of, and profound respect for, deep roots — I guide my students to honor tradition; to rely on the authenticity and sacredness of yoga and astrology. I bow to Mother Nature and offer my thanks to all students, teachers, and precious friends. I have the good fortune of hanging out in amazing places with stellar people; meet some of them here — and here.


A graduate of our INTENSIVE training writes, “YogAstrology® training has helped me

  • F L E S H OUT the nuances of my world in ways I could have never given form to on my own
  • FEEL I N S P I R E D to look deeper into my own psyche and soul
  • G A I N A NEW VOCABULARY to speak of things we shy away from
  • G A Z E INTO THE ULTIMATE MIRROR to reflect everything with blinding realism

Personally, in the course of YogAstrology® training I have

  • G O N E FROM STRUGGLING with unknown aspects of myself to feeling empowered in the ways that I engage with my shadow side
  • B E E N ABLE TO MOVE through challenging circumstances in my new job that I could have never predicted ~ and to do so with intention and power, instead of feeling like I’m getting swept away
  • F E L T SUPPORTED TO HEAL things between my mom and me, and change my perceptions about the structure of love and relationships
  • GROWN TO BE A LOT MORE OPEN to the differences between people, because I understand them better ~ I am even becoming more compassionate

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed having access to this level of information. But I trust that what I need to know will be clear, along with what I need to do with this information. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the ability to learn more about yoga and astrology; it is such a deep and ancient form that marries science, art, and spirituality. Diane, thank you. Thank you for being an incredible mentor and teacher. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your passion with so much vulnerability.” ~Written by a graduate of YogAstrology® training who requires anonymity due to the sensitive nature of her profession as the private yoga instructor for a renowned professional athlete