About Diane



“Wow. Diane, you are a light and magnificence to those who are blessed enough to know you. I am grateful to be one of them.” Helen Clement, Vancouver BC Canada



Meet Diane Booth Gilliam

I am a third-generation Montanan, with a couple of decades in the temples of India thrown in for good measure.


Lightbulb Moment

Imagine a colorful little village in India.

Sitting on a cool concrete floor in the middle of a steamy-hot afternoon, I slid into a state of bliss. It was so easy. I wasn’t trying to do anything at all. There was this mind-blowing fire ceremony called yagna happening on the full moon, led by a group of Brahmins, and right in the middle of their ceremony, in the middle of my bliss, one thought appeared:

There is some connection between yoga and astrology. 

Every day of my life since, in one way or another, has been about that moment.


How Do You Define Success?

Success is finding what you love to do.

I’m not talking about what you’re supposed to love. This is different.

Living Life

With long hours to kill in the noisy, chaotic Delhi airport, I stumbled into an empty room reserved for nursing mothers (which I was not). Every wall was painted bright mustard yellow. Larger-than-life Donald Ducks stenciled everywhere. What it lacked in subtle delicate decor, it made up for with rich deep silence. And a cushy sofa. I curled up.

Whenever you get a moment to soak in a pool of love, just do it.


What Do You Do When You Feel Uninspired? 

I wait. 

I take exquisite care of my inner muse; I give her a lot of space. She knows she can come back when she’s ready. 

Advice I Wish I Had Years Ago


Not to diminish the virtue of hard work, but we have to get it on some deep level that things happen at the right time. A work in progress.

Above All Else 

Do what you love. Life goes by fast.

That “Lightbulb Moment” (above), when the task of discovering the connection between yoga + astrology ~ and then, sharing what I discovered in my book, articles, newsletters, and courses became my life’s work ~ that moment happened more than 20 years ago. Figuring out how yoga + astrology + ayurveda work as one, gave me a life worth living. The bonus was discovering who I really am, beneath the layers of who I thought I should be.

Deep contentment, courage, and compassion grew out of deconstructing what is not real, rather than accumulating more, just for the sake of fitting in.

You do you, do what you love. 

xo Diane


  • 12th House Sun
  • Saturn Trine Uranus
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy | University of Montana, Missoula

Some of the lineages I follow and my teachers, credentials, and certifications are below. But here’s the thing. My roots are deep. My practice began long before selfies and the internet transformed yoga and astrology into the massive industries they are today. I took my first yoga class in 1978 at a YMCA in Montana and hold certifications in Svaroopa®, Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy®. My practice includes many styles (Iyengar, Kripalu, Anusara, etc.) and I am a Yoga Alliance YACEP. I was among the first-ever RYTs and E-RYTs because I was studying asana with the founder of Yoga Alliance at the time of its inception. Being the pujari ~ the one wearing a sari and waving the lights, offering sacred substances at the altar ~ for many years, with my teachers in India, Australia, New York, and California, was one of the highlights of my life. I also served as the Assistant to the Director at Muktabodha Indological Research Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area (2005-2009).

I feel lucky to know so many gifted yogis, meditation masters, and

Always learning…