Yogastrology® is the “roadmap.” Colleen Saidman Yee {click to read}.

Join the {year-long, virtual} Yoga + Astrology certification program with global brand recognition, since 2012.

11-Year Anniversary, 2012-2023

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Learn How To Integrate Sister Sciences: Yoga, Astrology, and Ayurveda

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Samantha Moore

“Absolutely changed the way I live.” Samantha Moore, Yogastrologer® in California






Colleen Sposato

“Forever shifted my experience.” Colleen Sposato, Yogastrologer® in Pennsylvania


We Are…

Yogastrology® Founder and Education Director Diane Booth Gilliam, MA, Certified Yoga Therapist

“Diane Booth Gilliam is an incredible teacher! You will not find a more genuine human.” Elena Cheung, Yogastrologer® in Washington State

“I learned so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Jacklyn Romito-Carey, Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts


Consultants | Wellness Experts: Western Astrologers, Vedic Astrologers, Indian Brahmin, Ayurveda Professionals, Shaman initiated in South America, and many more

You Are… 

Nature Lover, Maybe a Spiritual Seeker, Therapist, Yoga Therapist or Yogi

Program graduates are Yogastrologers® in the US and Europe. Many of them lead workshops in their communities and provide 1:1 bespoke sessions for clients.

Sadie Nardini

“Yogastrology® makes perfect sense.” Sadie Nardini {click to watch}






Feel your susthatā {well being, good health, genuine happiness}.

Explore authentic Vedic temple arts. Learn wellness for all seasons. Experience natural rhythms in the phases of the moon, in your body and your life.

  • Embodied Astrology
  • Zodiac-Body Correlations
  • Ether, Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  • Navagrahas, Planets, Zodiac Signs
  • Western Astrology + Vedic Temple Arts
  • Solstice Wellness and Equinox Wellness
  • Full Moon Yoga and New Moon Yoga
  • Psychology of Yoga | Astrology
  • Workshop Outlines
  • 100% Virtual
  • 12 Months
  • Lifetime Registry

“What a great, nourishing, splendid, deep treasure the curriculum is.” Dr. Margaret E. McColley, PhD, Yogastrologer® in Florida

“I can’t believe it has been a year. Such a fantastic process to go through.” Dan Dugan, Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts

You will receive a finely-crafted new lesson, unveiled for you each week, for 12 months. Move at your own pace. No exams. No pressure.


“The dollars I invested in this training are small compared to what I received, and how I grew. Highly recommended.” Jen Waine, Yogastrologer® in Virginia

Elisabeth Olson

“I felt like a piece of me that had laid dormant for so long finally was awakening. Not only was I learning about Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology®, I was learning about myself.” Elisabeth Olson, Yogastrologer® in Minnesota

Ever since Elisabeth Olson ~our first student~ joined us for the earliest version of our online training in 2012, this year-long program has been expanding exponentially. But it always was more than just a training program.

This is a personal journey.

Explore how to move with the pulse of the universe. Feel your susthatā {well being, good health, genuine happiness}.

Reach outsend your website URL and socials, include a personal note introducing yourself and we’ll get back to you.

“The words that Elisabeth Olson shared really resonate. I, too, am finding a part of myself that was waiting to emerge, seeking source, seeking a ‘home’!” Dr. Margaret E. McColley, PhD, Yogastrologer® in Florida