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What can I expect when I attend a Yogastrology® course/program?

With Yogastrology®, expect to be inspired. Expect to be introduced to new ideas, gain new perspectives, and grow personally and professionally.

How can I grow my career with Yogastrology®?

Yogastrology®’s priority is you. All courses/programs are designed to advance your skills through inspiration, technical learning, and hands-on practice. Your desire to grow combined with our dedication to fostering your growth are the keys to success.

Who is this for?

Everyone is welcome to apply. Yogastrology® is for wellness professionals, facilitators, coaches, healers, ceremonialists, change-makers, sacred activists, educators, instructors, guides, creatives, students, and leaders who are ready to make an impact through their presence and their passion.

Can I do Yogastrology® if I’m not a yoga teacher?

Yes. Many of our students have yoga teacher training, but it’s not necessarily a requirement.

Which style or brand of yoga/massage/ayurveda/shamanism/wellness do you use?

Yogastrology® works with all types, brands, and styles.

How can I find Yogastrology® courses/programs in my area?

For our online Intensive | Academy training, click here.

Find Yogastrology®-trained instructors in your area here and search by country/global — and by USA/state.

Some events are listed here.

What is the difference between Initiation and Intensive | Academy?

Initiation : In Person : 12-Hour Training Event

Intensive Academy : Online : 12-Month Training Program

What’s new in Yogastrology®?

The Intensive | Academy is new in 2018. The Academy contains significant upgrades including:

  • More Yoga + Astrology; Meet the faculty here
  • New Ayurveda; Led by highly-trained, passionate ayurvedic professionals
  • Shamanism; Guided by an energy-medicine shaman initiated in Peru
  • And More; Sign Up for the newsletter here

Is Initiation training a prerequisite to the Intensive | Academy?

No. Initiation and Intensive trainings are interactive, but independent. You can enroll in either, or both.

Do you use Western Astrology or Vedic Astrology?

Both. (You need both.) You’ll learn about this in the Intensive | Academy.

Are Yoga Alliance credits available?

Maybe. Contact Yoga Alliance and ask about their current regulations regarding training in Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, and Shamanic Energy Medicine.

Is the Intensive | Academy full-time?

It’s part-time. You will need time to absorb new material, but don’t worry. Our students love this. They devour it.

How do I sign up for Initiation Training?

Click Here; Choose a location / date and sign up. Easy.

When/how do I apply for the Intensive | Academy?

Apply Now; Send your name and website URL to New students begin at one of three times a year.

Have you seen the new eBrochure? Email us and ask for the eBrochure. Application guidelines, payment options, and more info is there.

We look forward to connecting with you.