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Intensive Training: Secrets of Embodied Astrology

What happens when our Dream Team shares secrets with the world’s first Yogastrologers®?


What happens is this: You get expert instruction. Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Natural wellness practices and authentic traditional rituals.

Our students love receiving the personal support. We meet you where you are, and guide you forward. One-on-one.



“The personal mentoring is what makes this training so incredibly magical and unique.” Dianne Tarantino, Certified Yogastrologer® in New York




“I walk more confidently in my power and feel greater harmony with the universe, thanks to Yogastrology®. The dollars I invested in this training are small, compared to what I received and how I grew. Highly recommended.” Jen Waine, Certified Yogastrologer® in Virginia


Intensive Training guides you through Yogastrology®’s trademarked process, where you learn how Astrology works with Yoga, Ayurveda, Seasonal Wellness, and more.



“I didn’t think this Intensive was so timely. But it is. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for being a true teacher.” Courtney Turner, Certified Yogastrologer® in Training in Maryland



“Yogastrology® is life-changing. True alchemy. Upon graduating from Yogastrology® Intensive 12-month Training, I feel affirmed and confident. I made outstanding connections, wove community, and generally up-leveled my life, professionally and personally.” Lisa C. Adams, Certified Yogastrologer® in Virginia

We are eager to share our secrets with you. Enrollment is limited, because each student receives personal support and mentoring.


“Yogastrology® changed my life. And I can show you how it can change your life too. I have been blessed with a deeper connection to life, a universal love.” Amber French, Certified Yogastrologer® in California

“I am continually amazed by what I am learning. So many layers! Thank you for your warmth and guidance.” Annabelle Steele, Certified Yogastrologer® in New Hampshire




Who is this training for? Astrology enthusiasts, wellness practitioners, yoga instructors, healers, and students. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Take a taste of what you will get.



Aries rules the head. Stressed out? Tired of ramming around? Discover how astrology works with wellness to bring about a shift of consciousness using asana, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, and more. This is a whole new way to get a-head.


Taurus rules the neck and throat. Truth. Trust. Honesty. All of these align with the chakras — and with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Wealth. Explore how wellness on the micro level brings about healing transformation on a macro scale.


Gemini rules the shoulders. Shouldering responsibilities, juggling a long to-do list? There is a big difference between staying ‘busy’ and being productive and happy. Learn proven wellness strategies to laser-focus your life and feel better.


Cancer rules the chest, and is ruled by the Moon. We get obsessive about the Moon around here. Sooner or later, every single thing gets soaked in the ocean of consciousness contained within two Sanskrit syllables: ha (Sun) and tha (Moon) — as in, hatha yoga. Learning how to live in sync with the Moon — every New Moon and each unique Full Moon — changes you. Stay wild, Moon child.


Leo rules the spine. ‘You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.’ Did you know it’s possible to turn on your Fountain of Youth instantly? Just do Leo the Lion Pose, Simhasana. It relieves tension, improves circulation, keeps your eyes healthy, and energizes the spine. In fact, this asana is said to eradicate all disease. But that’s only the first step into stellar wellness this month.


Virgo rules the low abdomen and digestive tract. When we’re hungry, we eat (slow food, ideally. Pure prana with green goodness, and we have simple recommendations and great recipes to share). But you know what most people are starving for? Soul food. Peace of mind. We will show you how nature’s rhythms and natural remedies ‘feed’ people.

“If you enroll in Intensive Training, you will relish all that Diane Booth Gilliam has to share. I loved doing the assignments. I would re-enroll in this training in a minute.” Betsy Bowden, Certified Yogastrologer® in Massachusetts


Libra rules the low back. Hi, Diane here. I wrote this, you are reading it, and in this way you and I are relating. Libra. Relationships. Self and Other. The materials in Intensive Training have been time-tested by real people around the world and have proven effective in helping them become who they aspire to be. Open to a richer life. You deserve all the love and beauty.

“This work landed in a big way for me.

I entered this space of excavating my soul.”

Stacy Wooster, Certified Yogastrologer® in Texas


Scorpio rules the pelvis. Do you know which House in your astrology chart is bathed in seductive, slanting light? I bet that will be your Scorpio House. Passions are unleashed. Absolutely. But what I haven’t mentioned yet is how Scorpio correlates with the creative power of the universe. Tap into this at the right time, in the right way and …well, you’ll find out…


Sagittarius rules the hips. In this segment of Advanced Training, reality expands. It expands because we get hip to this one little fact: you can have any relationship with the Divine that you dare to imagine. You can get all the grace you need to make bold moves and tremendous progress towards liberating yourself — and others — from suffering.


Capricorn rules the knees. After the Technicolor hub-bub of the previous nine signs, the time has come for us to get down on our knees and suck the marrow from the bones. Because, if we want to build something solid (a home, business, etc.), we have to embrace Capricornification. And all this time you thought Saturn was dull and boring. Ha!


Aquarius rules the ankles. Uranus presides over this sign (it’s my favorite planet); Uranus rules innovation, lightning bolts, and brilliance. Get the book Yogastrology® Yoga Meets Astrology, read up on Uranus in Chapter 11 Aquarius, and join the adventure.


Pisces rules the feet. Take a step without feet (see Chapter 12 Pisces) says Rumi, and Sherri Dujmovich did just that… “I actually felt supported, loved, and held by this great big universe… can you feel it? I sure can, thanks to Yogastrology®.”


Click Here To Apply :: We can accept one more student in 2017.